Watches 101

Sometimes buying a new watch can be a rather complicated matter and, thus, we have put together a few articles on subjects often raised by our customers. Some articles give a thorough description of the functionality of watches, while other articles provide you with a quick overview that will help you choose between a watch with a water-resistance rating of 3 ATM or 10 ATM. Further, some articles contain charts and illustrations to enhance understanding. If you have any questions regarding our articles or products, please contact us.


  • What does water-resistant indicate?

    As you probably may have noticed, all watches are equipped with a water-resistant rating (e.g. 10 ATM) on the side of the watch. Below, you will find an explanation as to what this actually means, as well as a chart of what to expect from the different water-resistant ratings.

  • Glass – which is better?

    Watches are equipped with different types of glass. We often experience certain prejudice towards the different types and, thus, this article will list facts regarding the different types of glass.

  • Strap or Bracelet?

    What is the difference between a strap and a bracelet? Which materials are used? Which is more durable? These are some of the questions this article will answer.

  • Clasps and Buckles

    As you may have noticed, we state whether a watch is equipped with a clasp or buckle. Therefore, this article provides you with information regarding the most common types of clasps and buckles – including illustrations to show how they work.

  • Movements – an introduction

    Movements play a vital role in determining the lifespan and price of a watch. Below, you will find information on the different movements as well as an explanation of how they work.