How to Buy

Ordering though our online shop is easy

1. Select the desired brand or product line in navigation bar on the left or begin with a search.

2. To order an item, click "Add to shopping bag". You will automatically be redirected to your shopping cart.

3. From your cart, you can, if you want to order, click "proceed to delivery" or click on the "I want to shop some more" link if you wish to continue shopping.

4. Once you have filled out your billing and shipping information, you should click "proceed to confirm order", you will then arrive at a page on which you need to check your order information and confirm that it is correct. Then you accept our terms and conditions and click “proceed to secure payment”.

5. The next step is our payment page, once this is completed; we have registered your order.

By completing our checkout process, you make an order to purchase. Once you have made your order, we will send you an e-mail confirming the receipt of your confirmation, as well as its details. This confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your offer to purchase, but is only there to inform you about the receipt of your order. We will accept within five days of your order by sending a separate confirmation e-mail or by delivery of the goods.