Clasps and Buckles

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Below, you will find descriptions and illustrations of different types of buckles and clasps.

Butterfly clasp

A butterfly clasp opens symmetrically like a butterfly and is becoming more and more popular for every passing year – found on many watches in the price range of approximately £250. Butterfly clasps are used on leather straps as well as metal bracelets.

Through the years, manufacturers have introduced multiple versions of the butterfly clasp and, today, some models have been equipped with a push-button to keep the clasp in place when folded.   

Strap Buckle

A strap buckle is similar to a belt buckle. Traditionally, a strap buckle is found on men´s and women´s watches with a leather strap or other non-metal straps.

If a watch is in the price range below  £200, a strap buckle is often used instead of a butterfly clasp as the strap buckle represents a cheaper option. 

Deployment Clasp

A deployment clasp or fold-over clasp collapses on itself and locks using a pressure tab. On most models, a fold-over clasp is equipped with various holes used for adjustment (as portrayed in the image) – suitable for adjusting the bracelet a few extra millimetres. NOTE: not all fold-over clasps are equipped with this feature.

Through the years, manufacturers have introduced several variations of the fold-over clasp: e.g. a fold-over clasp with a safety flap that folds over the clasp when closed – and a fold-over clasp with push-buttons, providing a secure lock when the clasp is closed.  

Manufacturers have also introduced several other versions of the fold-over clasp. On these models, the clasp is concealed under the bracelet – almost like a butterfly clasp. To reduce confusion, the product descriptions on our website refer to these clasps as ´deployment clasps´. NOTE: not all deployment clasps resemble the deployment clasp portrayed in the image on the right.

Sliding Clasp

A sliding clasp is the most common clasp on watches with a mesh band. Thus, this type of clasp is often found on steel bracelet watches from Skagen Denmark. It is called a sliding clasp as the clasp can be moved around – thereby you can use the clasp to adjust the bracelet. 

It is easy to adjust the position of the clasp by using a screwdriver.

Jewelry Clasp

A jewelry clasp is the simplest of clasps and latches around a tiny bar. A jewelry clasp is only found on women´s watches.