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The New Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar


Since their creation of tactile watches in 1999, Tissot has been pioneering the industry when it comes to turning precision and craftsmanship into timepieces that speak of style. Their watches, made with special materials, intricate designs and advanced functionality, have been sold in over 160 countries across the globe. For years, their T-Touch line has been an extraordinary equivalent of the quartz hiking watch. It is the only company that has made a successful attempt to take on the ABT (altimeter-barometer-thermometer) watches that were made by the competing brands.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch

The newest in the T-Touch line, Tissot's T-Touch Expert Solar has made its name due to being yet another innovation in the brand's exquisite watches - it is the first touch screen with batteries which are fully rechargeable by solar energy. Besides the existing fully tactile T-Touch functions that are activated by a mere touch of the crystal face, the T-Touch Expert Solar was designed to absorb solar energy and recharge its battery for up to a year with less than a week's exposure to [sun]light; while at the same time allowing the  SuperLuminova® hands to gain their glow.

Ergonomic and Designed To Precision

A powerful timepiece that boasts 25 tactile functions, the T-Touch Expert Solar has everything that anyone needs in a watch. With a simple touch of its sapphire crystal glass, it displays every essential function anyone needs:

    • A perpetual calendar to help keep up with busy schedules
    • Week and weekend alarms
    • Two time zones that come in handy when travelling for business or holiday
    • Weather forecast
    • Barometer
    • Altimeter showing differences
    • Chronograph for lap timing
    • Compass
    • Countdown timer

Designed To Never Go Out of Style

While precision and functionality are Tissot's priority in manufacturing the T-Touch Expert Solar, its style has never been compromised. The watch's scratch-proof crystal surface is made of sapphire with tactile technology and anti-reflective treatment. The case is made of titanium and is also meticulously coated with black PVD and made to be water resistant up to 330 feet (100 metres).

Tissot has retained its iconic features on the watch, like its unique triangular lugs detachable from the case, but the T-Touch Expert Solar has also been created with a modern style and trendy look in consideration. The strap has its own variations, too. One can have it with a rubber strap or titanium with the standard clasps and buttons, leather or leather & fabric with the standard buckles.

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