Calvin Klein drift Watch Collection


The fashion giant Calvin Klein is synonymous with design that is both timeless and young. The woman who wears Calvin Klein is effortless in her style. Calvin Klein's drift (yes, drift, not Drift) range of watches personifies that design ethos. There are delightful contradictions to this vibrant, eye-catching watch - it looks sturdy yet somehow in motion, opaque yet transparent, weighty yet light as a feather. The drift is the duality of the modern woman.

Calvin Klein drift Ladies Watches

The innovative moulded bangle is so designed to match the contours of the wearer’s wrist. The styling is tapered yet bold, linear yet feminine. The drift watch features a banded bracelet and dial which comes in distinctive colours: polished stainless steel, yellow or pink gold PVD, each of which can be paired with a silver or black dial. The bracelet design is especially appealing, with its one solid band contrasted against three slender strands, giving the bracelet a fetching bangle-like look. The bracelet's three strand effect is exactly replicated in the raised vertical striped accents on the dial itself - once again giving this watch a clean, linear look that appears to be paradoxically in motion. Each watch features a subtle Calvin Klein logo at 12 o’clock. And, although this may be a fashion watch, it is still Swiss-made.

The woman who wears a drift watch doesn't do so because she needs a practical, traditional-looking ladies watch. Rather, she is a playful and confident woman who desires flair and even a touch of flamboyance in what she does and what she wears, including her watch. She is as happy at a cocktail party for an avant-garde art gallery as she is on a tennis court. And she knows that the only fashion watch worth wearing is that by that most cool designer - Calvin Klein.


  • Swiss-made ETA 901.001 movement
  • Case, bracelet and hands in either polished stainless steel, polished yellow gold PVD 1N, polished pink gold PVD 5N
  • Dial in silver or black
  • Jewellery buckle closure
  • Water resistant to 3 bar (30m)