Calvin Klein Bare Ladies Watch


If Calvin Klein is the embodiment of effortless American cool in fashion design, then the CK bare watch is the embodiment of that in a ladies’ watch. There is something futurist, almost celestial about the way this watch looks. The design here is deceptively simplistic in its design, hence its appeal to the woman who desires a watch that doesn’t shout out its statement, but, rather, coolly suggests and invites a statement with quiet panache.

Calvin Klein Bare Ladies Watches

This range of watches is offered in polished stainless steel or brushed yellow gold PVD, both handily available in small and medium sizes. This super-cool but intrinsically feminine watch has a minimalist silver or black dial, that exudes ultimate comfort and crisp lines. The entire watch is styled in the smoothest design aesthetic. Calvin Klein proudly and rightly affirms that the bare has “A quiet, contemplative design of epic simplicity.” The watch is water resistant to 3 bar. And it must not be overlooked that this fashion watch is nevertheless fitted with a Swiss-made movement.

The woman who wears the bare watch by Calvin Klein is an alluring, classic beauty. She is as graceful and gracious as the stunning watch that she wears. She is the lady of the stars, the lady who adores that which is sleek and timeless. The bare is a watch that will adorn the wrist of a lady as only a Calvin Klein watch should - chic and simple, yet elegance personified. Would you expect any less from a watch by Calvin Klein?


  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Case in polished stainless steel, brushed yellow gold PVD 1N
  • Dial in silver or black
  • Bangle in polished stainless steel, brushed yellow gold PVD 1N
  • Closure push button
  • Hands in polished silver or polished yellow gold PVD 1N
  • Water resistant to 3 bar