Brexit information

Brexit Information

As the UK will be leaving the European Single Market on the 31 of December 2020, we have some sad information we need to share with you.

Anytime will stop all sales to the UK after Brexit

The exit from the european single market, means that all packages from the EU to the UK, will be subject to customs handling and fees. The increased costs, will mean that we are no longer able to provide our usual competetive prices. The contracts we have as an authorized retailer of the brands we carry, also does not allow export countries outside of the european single market.

For this reason, it is not possible for us to continue selling watches to the UK and we therefore have no other option than to suspend sales when Brexit takes effect.

We hope that this is a temporary situation and that the UK and EU, will manage to make some sort of deal in the future, that would allow free trade like we are used to with the single market.

Orders made during december 2020

We will continue to sell and ship watches in December 2020 to the UK up to around the 22th of December, in order for our customers to secure their new watches at our usual competetive prices, while it is still possible. If it is not possible for us to deliver a watch ordered before the Brexit deadline, your order will be cancelled. We do not want to risk that you incur extra customs and VAT fees when the package arrives.

But please be aware that if you are buying for a gift and want to return it after Christmas, you must ship it back no later than the 28th of December, to avoid loss of value in terms of additional VAT and customs fees that the package would be subject to when the UK has left EU.


When buying from an authorized retailer like Anytime Watches, you still get access to 2 years international warranty from Tissot, Certina etc. and can use their service centeres in the UK, for fast and easy repair.