Brexit information

Authorized Retailer

Anytime Watches is an authorized retailer of all the brands presented on this website. We have been selling watches since 1983 and adapt on an ongoing basis to the ever changing demands and certification requirements from the brands we carry, to upkeep our official dealer status.

Because Anytime Watches is an authorized retailer, all our watches come directly from the manufacturer or their officially appointed distributor. This means that our watches include original packaging and valid international warranty.

Several online retailers are not authorized retailers and therefore buy watches from the ´grey market´. When buying a ‘grey market’ watch there is always a question of authenticity and there is usually no official warranty from the manufacturer, because their policy states that the warranty is only valid, if the warranty certificate is dated, fully and correctly completed and stamped by an official dealer.

Watches purchased from non-authorized retailers can therefore not uphold the official warranty from the brand. Some non-authorized retailers will claim that they will warrant your purchase, but may in fact not be in a good position to do so, because they do not have a direct source for getting genuine replacement parts since they cannot order them from the manufacturer themselves. At the same time, you will also have no-where to go, should the ‘grey market’ dealer close their business.

Watches is also a very popular product category for counterfeit manufactures. The watch may look genuine on the surface, but in reality is a copy made in a country where laws are laxly enforced and worker conditions may be questionable.

One can only be certain of buying a new and genuine watch, when buying from an official dealer, whether it is from Anytime Watches or one of the many other official retailers.

You can usually confirm authorized retailers by visiting the manufactures website. If you have any questions regarding our official dealer status or need instructions on how to validate it on the manufactures website, you can always contact support.